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We at Marksmen Marketing ( care about your online data just as much as you do. Our privacy notice that we’re about to share with you covers what type of personal data we collect on our website, the options you have on how your data is used, the access you have regarding your data such as making changes or corrections, how your data is stored safely with protection, and what you can do if you feel that your data has been mistreated.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing 

If sign up to our mailing list, we collect your name and email. Your name and email will never be used in way that may harm you personally and financially. It is simply collected to provide you with our newsletter tips. Your info will never be shared with any third-party.

If you apply to work with us, then some of your business info may be collected. That info is only used for our consultation purposes that we have only with you. It will never be used in a way that may harm you personally and financially as well as your business. Your business info will never be shared with any third-party.

Your Access to and Control Over Information 

Feel free to unsubscribe from our emails at anytime you wish. You can request to have your information deleted. You can also request the type of information we have collected. You can also change the information you have given us. And you can also contact us at anytime about any concerns you may have about your information at


If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone at


We love cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that is placed on websites which stores a visitor’s information. Those cookies are only used to provide you with the greatest online experience you will have with us. The more we learn how you interact with us, the better we can deliver meaningful and valuable content to you. Our cookies are from Google Analytics and Facebook which they may use to enhance your experience on their platforms.


Our website may link to other websites. If you click over to any of those websites, we are not responsible for any of your data or information being collected by them.

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